Los valores entonces no son más que un conjunto de puntos de vista altamente movedizo. No son iguales a las estrellas fijas (como alguna vez lo fueron las ideas) sino más bien a los globos cuyo forro se conserva para, en dado caso, especialmente en las fiestas, inflarlos (Luhmann, 2006: 266).

— Luhmann, N. (2006). La sociedad de la sociedad. Editorial Herder: México.


Moral powers are normally exercised for reasons. One might concoct a recherche´ example in which a moral power is exercised just for the sake of exercise, but normally moral powers are exercised in order to further some end. We promise things, for example, to please or to accommodate others, or perhaps to motivate ourselves to do what we have other reasons to do. But the reasons for action that are the upshot of the exercise of a moral power persist even when it is discovered that the reasons for which the power was exercised are not as had been supposed (Edmundson, 2010: 182).

— Edmundson, W. A. (2010). Political authority, moral powers and the intrinsic value of obedience. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 30(1), 179–191.