I am a PhD candidate in Urban Studies. I lecture on organisational and urban sociology at Alberto Hurtado University, and on globalisation at Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences. I also coordinate a cluster at the Center for Sustainable Urban Development (CEDEUS).

I hold a degree on Sociology and a Master in Human Settlements and Environment. Currently living in Santiago de Chile, but the focus of my research has been on the South of the country. My publications cover social transformations in traditional and modern communities related with salmon aquaculture, spatial restructuring related with public and private regulation on salmon farming and forestry sectors, and power relations in local and regional governance systems.

There are two websites by which I manage to develop my academic interests. Investigando Chiloé attempts to bring academic production closer to local decision-makers and stakeholders. EcolPol is a showcase to our team at FADEU-UC for our researches on political ecology, political geography and power relations regarded with extractive activities.

Profiles in LinkedIn and Research Gate.